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5. Reverberation Fest
28. Feb / 29. Feb / 01. March 2020
Festival for Psychedelic Music & Art


Reverberation Fest is celebrating it’s 5 year existence at the last weekend of February 2020. Once again the 3-day-indoor-festival is characterized by a wide range of Psychedelic music and other forms of art. From 28.02. – 01.03. we celebrate half a decade with music, dance, performance and much more! Tickets are available now and the first part of the line up for Reverberation #5 is being released in the coming days!

Artists 2020
Last Year's Schedule (2019)

(Schedule for 2020 will be announced shortly)

Tickets for 2020


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Kombiticket / 3 Day-Festival-Pass

limited Early-Bird-Tickets (ON SALE)
19 € zzgl. Gebühren (plus Charges)

full price tickets (START 01.12.)
25 € zzgl. Gebühren (plus Charges)

Freitag / Friday – Ostpol

only Festival-Passes

Samstag / Saturday – Scheune

dayticket: 20 € zzgl. Gebühren (plus Charges)

Sonntag / Sunday – Ostpol

Only Festival-Passes

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Dresden Psych Family e.V.
Schwepnitzer Straße 6
01097 Dresden

mob. 01520 4423612


Warm Up Shows gonna be announced soon!

As every year , we gonna put on a few „Warm Up“ shows in Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig and Prague!

Artists 2020
Last Train

Their eyes probing the calendar frequently, their heels tapping the floor frantically and the guitars that have escaped the studio: so many signs that betray the hidden impatience of those who have known only the road for the past three years. Last Train was built on the stage, shaped by the rhythm of tours and signed the first chapter of its history, „Weathering“, between two highways.


HODJA is New York with a hue of Copenhagen and a sprinkle of Rostock. An intriguing mix of early american genre-styles with european esprit. Their self-proclaimed Voodoo-Garage-Blues merges with Punkrock, Gospel, Soul and Hip-Hop parts.

Go and watch HODJA on stage and you’ll agree that they are quite the experience. A force of nature. An undeniably charismatic trio with a frontman extraordinaire. Their records cross and blur the lines of various genres without ever losing their characteristic edgy rawness.

Summer 2018 brought the third record ‚The Flood‘. A many-faceted, colorful piece of art that rightfully earned loads of critical acclaim and was more than once labeled „Album of the Month“. This year HODJA’s debut with the simple title ‚The Band‘ was got a little facelift and was re-released in a limited edition. Now album No. Four is ready to be set free. Again the artwork was provided by Danish artist Jenz Koudahl and perfectly catches the spirit of the record and the band: Wild, eclectic, colorful, untamed.

‚We Are The Here And Now‘ still features their signature unpolished HODJA sound – raw and explosive. Yet they know when to slow down for the just as typical mellow parts bursting with Soul.

The opener ‚God Of War‘ exemplifies that clash of various styles and influences and has the Hip Hop past of frontman Gamiel Stone peeking through raging feedback-guitars and rock riffs by guitarist Tenboi Levinson. The latter has also produced each and every one of HODJA’s records in his own studio based in Copenhagen’s infamous quarter Christiania. ‚Strike Up The Band‘ shows a more funky and groovy side of HODJA. ‚Fronting‘ suprises with Soul-choires while ‚Clear‘ is an ever energetic rock song coming forward with long lost punkrock roots.

Wild, spontaneous, loud, quiet and never boring.


It’s been almost 5 years, that juvenile ne’er-do-wells Snøff and Tøff were last seen together publicly. After the tremendous success of their debut album Hokus Pokus, it got quiet around their illustrious outfit; for good reasons though. Inspired by numerous encounters during a tedious tour, band member Florian decided to drop the bass for his ambitious political agenda. Self-proclaiming himself the Jan Dark of North Berlin, he decided to take a stand for social justice in regional elections. But after 18 months, he had to come to terms with the fact, that it takes more to being a politician than being a drummer. Bespoke-suited, he returned to Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg (home of choice of Snøffeltøffs), only to not-find what he was looking for the most: his old bandmate and brother in arms, singer and guitar player Julian.

After long investigation of the matter (followed by a long train journey), Julian was finally located in the north of Brandenburg. There, being the Guru in charge, he led a cult of white-clad nuns, making money with “Incense-Sticks-101”-classes. Thanks to well-trained argument-patterns, Florian managed to persuade Julian to start working on a new Snøffeltøffs album. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of the misery. Being back in Berlin, the two ever-so-different characters couldn’t agree on a mutual direction. One was longing for a protest song double-album about living in North Berlin, the other favoured a sitar-based concept album about the quality of tantric practices.

The dilemma seemed irreconcilable, until their marvellous record label decided to propose a third band member. The addition -drummer Meghan- caused them to reconsider their priorities. Within only a few weeks, the new album was born and only the two cornerstones were kept (albeit rudimentarily): the introspective pop music-approach and the Berlin-centric title. Frohnau is neither hippie-dippie bullshit nor political lamentation. It is the adolescent attempt to behave like adults, only to turn into them during the process, while becoming a three-piece all of the sudden.

The Beat, their first single in three years, is proof of this development. It’s broader theme is “awakening”, “the others”, holding you back, which, once you stop caring, can be the most liberating feeling. Berlin, a chance and also a spirit. The suburb, as the centre of unfulfilled wishes, is a recurring theme, for example in the sensational ballad that is North of the Town. 

Musically, the band has evolved tremendously. Little has remained of their original devil-may-care straight-forward garage-punk, even though the spirit is still the same. Imagine the Snøffeltøffs sound you’d expect, with a more urban-folky The Byrds-ish approach, heavily influenced by that particular Velvet Underground song you always wanted, but never quite got, mixed with that Spector-esque 60’s Soul sound, that’s not really the rage anymore. Having finished their 2nd album, Snøffeltøffs swore to stay away from politics and esoterism, in order to dig deeper sonic holes, at least until the release of their third album. Until then, everyone should listen to Frohnau every morning after waking up. Keep the suburb spirit alive.

Al Doum & The Faryds

AL DOUM & THE FARYDS is an ensemble of 8 members, all with extensive experience in the world punk music underground, trying to sound mixing Arabic and African music with the psychedelic. The new exotic sounds are also made through the use of ethnic instruments mixed with the effects of psychedelic voyage!

Thee Lazy Eyes

THEE LAZY EYES is a group of friend based on members of bands such as Maggies Marshmallows, Kill the Dandies, Madhouse express etc. The band is influenced by variety of dead or alive musicians and styles. From Punk through blues and country to…

Diane Girl Next Door

GIRL NEXT DOOR – Otherworldly stash of exotic, tropical psychedelic and hypnotic wax featuring tunes that span the realms of fuzzy garage, afro-funk, surf, retro sounds of the orient, cumbia, weirdo pop, and layed back spacey groove. High waves, hot desert dunes and a fix of fresh squeezed sun.


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Movementon. Das Kollektiv wurde 2019 gegründet und schließt sich aus einem Team von internationalen KünstlerInnen zusammen. Derzeit werden Stücke kreiert die sich mit der Bewegung in und um uns auseinandersetzt. Denn alles ist in Bewegung; der eigene Körper und Geist, zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen, die Natur, der Kosmos oder Schwingungen in der Luft. Und wir bewegen uns weiter, we move on. Das Leben ist Bewegung. Aus diesen offenen Ansatz gehen immer wieder neue Beobachtungen hervor die die Basis für neue Entwicklungsprozesse sind. So prämierten im Mai 2019 die zwei Stücke „Shake“ und „Yin“. „Shake“ ist eine intime Rebellion zum ausgedörrten fixen Körperkult, eine Neuanalyse und Anerkennung des Tänzer-und Frauenkörpers. Basierend auf den Möglichkeiten einer anderen Betrachtungsweise und einer kontinuierlichen Recherche bei der alles geschüttelt wird: Haut, Knochen, Fett, Haare, alte Gefühle und sperrige Gedanken. „Yin“ beschäftigt sich mit der Weiblichkeit. Was ist Weiblichkeit? Und wie zeigt Sie sich? Im Taoismus spricht man von Yin und Yang – Yin ist das weibliche Prinzip in uns allen, von männlich, weiblich, transgender oder queer. Weibliche Züge machen uns sensibel und scheinen nicht in eine zielorientierte Gesellschaft zu „passen“. In unserer patriarchalischen Zeit, in der männliche/yang Eigenschaften mehr Wertigkeit haben, taucht „Yin“ in ein matriarchalisches Bewusstsein ein, geht auf die Suche und stärkt damit die weibliche Existenz. Es gibt einige Dinge im Leben die uns zum Bewegen einladen. Movmenton ist eines davon.







The Popticum Collective

THE POPTICUM COLLECTIVE is a group of young architects and designers originated in Berlin 2014. The name Popticum is a combination between the word ´pop´ like pop-up or popcorn and ´opticum´ like panopticum. Check out there floating tent-structure outside the venue.



KdR Lichtmaschine

KDR LICHTMASCHINE have been doing DIY-lightshows in Dresden and as far as Berlin, Milan and Fusion festival. Tonight they will help us to bring Scheune and the popticum tent to light with an array of machines and objects. They’ve been doing the visual light design from the very beginning of Reverberation Festival.


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